Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brooke Does Well at District Track Meet

Brooke started out a little nervous at the middle school district track meet today. It was a very windy, normal spring day in Albuquerque. Her bus arrived late so she hurried to the track to warm up for her 100m race which was the second event of the meet. She had been nervous the whole day thinking about this district meet as those who competed well would move on to the Albuquerque City Meet next week.

She ran the 100m race and won her heat. She then hurried to the high jump to make her first attempts (no warming up at all). She started off missing her first two attempts at 4 feet. I watched her pace around and search for some kind of inspiration while pondering her last attempt.

She decided to run in her 4x100m relay before making that last high jump attempt. The first two legs of the relay were a little shaky due to the addition of a new girl in the second leg. The hand offs to, and from, this girl were both not great which lost their team valuable seconds in the race. Harleigh Ruffin, running the third leg, made up a bunch of ground giving Brooke a little bit better of a chance. Brooke took the baton and made up the rest of the ground to bring LBJ first place in the event. WHEW!

After the relay, Brooke wend to talk to her high jump coach, Erica Herrera. Brooke has known Erica for a few years as Erica graduated from Cibola High School just two years ago. In talking to Erica, Brooke realized that she had been making her approaches from the opposite side of where she usually takes them. She practiced her steps, one last time, and made her jump...easily clearing on her last attempt :-) Her jump put her into a tie with another girl for 1st place.

She finished off the meet in the 200m race--The last race of the meet. This was the first time
Brooke has run this race. She ended up easily winning her heat. Her good friend Harleigh Ruffin, also won her heat in the 200m race. We are not sure who had the fastest time as the kids never get their times for some reason (?). Candace Burton's dad, David, timed Brooke and said she ran a 30.8 second 200m.

Soooo...After a nervous start...Brooke should be competing in all four of her events April 28th at the middle school city championships! Go Brooke!

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Monkey Pants said...

Should I say it again? Goooooooooooooo President Speed Racer! No nerves aloud when you're President Speed's all natural!! ;)