Monday, April 28, 2008

Brooke at the All-City Track Meet

Brooke did well at this year's All-City Track Meet. There were 22 middle schools in attendance and she came in 2nd place in the high jump (4'). Her 4x100m relay also came in 2nd. She was 7th in the 100m (but was so nervous that she ran her slowest time of the season at 14.22). She placed 6th in the 200m (30.81). We are very proud of her accomplishments this season!


Monkey Pants Pam said...

Tell President Speed Racer that there should never be anything to be nervous about...she's PRESIDENT SPEED RACER! Isn't that enough?

Cheryl J. said...

LOL...Pam! You are right. I'll tell her :-) I think she got intimidated because a friend of hers from another school told her ahead of time about this 7th grader (who is like 5'10" already) whose mom is a triathlete. The girl really was amazing. I bet she could compete at the high school level now. Brooke had to run against her in all three of her running events.