Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brent's Relay Team Breaks the Record!

Cibola won the Wilson Relays for only the 2nd time in school history (the closest competitor was 50 points away). They also won last year. Pretty much the only teams that have won before Cibola were La Cueva and Academy.

Check out this picture of Brent running the anchor leg of the 4x400 m relay. He has local phenom, Ronnie Daniels, on his tail but he never let Ronnie overtake him. Cibola ended up breaking the Wilson Relay 4x400 relay Meet Record AND also broke Cibola's record for the 4x400 relay! Their time was 3:21.88. This means Brent will get his name painted on the wall in the Cibola High School gym!

BTW...Greg took this picture!


Kim said...

WTG brent.. i need to start thinking of something else to write... he keeps winning!

Monkey Pants said...

President Speed Racer's brother Speedy Gonzales

Cheryl J. said...

LOL guys! You are so nice to even comment at all!

PS to Pam: Brooke loves being called President Speed Racer...LOL