Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brent's Senior Pics

We just had Brent's senior pics taken yesterday by the wonderful Brianna Saban. She likes taken urban looking pics (Brent has a few by his car in front of graffiti). She said she has over 40 amazing pictures of Brent. I have a link to her photography blog on my page. She will put a bunch more of Brent up on her site within the next few weeks. You'll have to tell me which picture you like the best so far.


NYCmom said...

NICE!!! I looked at the photographer's blog too and saw all those. She did such a good job! It helps that Brent has such a great smile.

shelbell said...

Fun blog, Cheryl! I was checking out Bri's latest pics and saw you had a blog too! Can't wait to see your family pics in May...isn't she fantastic?? She did ours last August and I have just LOVED them.

I'm gonna have to try some of those recipes you listed...mmmm.

Michelle Reitz:)

Beth said...

I like the pic with the red background and football!