Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cougars Lose to Mayfield

Brent's team fell short again this year in the state football playoffs. Cibola had their chances to win the game but just made too many mistakes (penalties!).

The fans SUFFERED through a miserable night of rain as we cheered on our team. I wonder how we would have done if it hadn't rained(?) Brent did well. He had a nice 51-yard reception that put us into scoring position.

Well, we still have boys track this spring where the Cougars have a great chance of winning state.


NYCmom said...

Boo hoo...I'm so sorry! And sorry you had to endure the weather for a disappointment. At least they had a fabulous season. I guess you just paid for it all in one night. Btw...we made the Satin pie today. YUM-O!!! (In the words of Rachael Ray!) Thanks for the recipe. I think I almost burned up my (your old) Kitchen Aid getting through the 4 eggs but so worth it! Someday I'll buy a new one to call my own. And it will be red.

Monkey Pants said...

D'oh! - Glad it wasn't a blowout tho! Nice is sooooo much easier, isn't it? I'm just going to use this then add a link to the family site when there's new stuff.