Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nickels and Gledhills Come to Albuquerque!

Our good friends, Teri and Kirk Nickel AND Tanna and Kent Gledhill (with daughter Madeline) came to Albuquerque for Valerie Payne's wedding (February 27, 2009). We have great times together and really miss them!

The Gledhills moved from ABQ to Provo, Utah about 12 years ago. The Nickels moved from here to Boise, ID about 11 years ago. Tanna, Kent, and Kirk missed the green chile, so we made sure to include it in pretty much every meal we at together. I took the Nickels and Gledhills to lunch at Los Cuates per Tanna's request.

The Nickels, Gledhills, Johnsons, and Paynes came to our house the evening after the wedding and played "Sp-Uno" and watched the "Crime Aid" episode of The Office. Oh the stories we heard this weekend (which will remain unspoken of...but those of you at my house know EXACTLY what I'm referring to).

Here are a few pictures from the weekend...
Kent and Tanna Gledhill with daughter Madeline (10 years old) enjoying lunch at Los Cuates.

Me with Teri and Kirk Nickel at Los Cuates.

The GIRLS: Teri Nickel, Me, KT Johnson, Jeni Payne, and Tanna Gledhill after watching "The Office" and playing "Sp-Uno."

The GUYS: Kent Gledhill, Kirk Nickel, Matt Johnson, Jeff Payne, and Greg Jorgensen.

My SNEAK ATTACK on Teri and KT.

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