Monday, February 2, 2009

Cheryl Did It!

After attending a breadmaking class presented by my friends Betty Jo and Jill, I decided that the time had come for me to LEARN how to use my stored wheat! So, with camera in hand, I documented my first attempt at making bread from SCRATCH! My friend, Jeni Payne, showed up right when I was making the bread and since she uses the same recipe, gave me a few tips along the way. Check out the pictures...
This is the first time I've ever owned wheat so I had to take a picture of me opening it :-)

Wheat before grinding.

I made whole wheat flour with my new wheat grinder.

Here's my wheat flour.

Using my mixer to make the dough.

Putting the dough into the pans.

The ones in the glass pans rose beautifully, but the bigger metal pans not so well.

Finished product.

Want a slice?

Oops! These two didn't rise too well (but still tasted good).

I gave Greg the first slice.

Brooke loved the bread (and wanted to show her new shoes...she doesn't usually put her feet on the counter).


Anonymous said...

I would loooove a slice! It looks absolutely yummy (and healthy)! Is it a secret recipe or can you share? Of course I would have to figure out where to find wheat!

Leah and Greg said...

Cheryl, the bread looks great. I haven't made bread (I have made rolls) in years. Can you share your recipe?

PamJorg said...

You go girl! I should put my pics up of my 20 jars of applesauce! Yum! Wish we could trade!

NYCmom said...

YUM! I would LOVE a slice! If you want a change, try the Heidi's Half Wheat Bread in the's a yummy recipe too. You should post the recipe of the bread you made. Looks great! We have that same wheat grinder, btw. I've only used it once, like 5 years ago. :)

sarah said...

Maybe its just the picture but did you pat your dough into the pans? That may be why it didn't rise quite right. You should shape your bread into a round oblong shape and then set it into the pan. If you put two tiny slit marks in the top it helps it to rise up and not out. Good Luck! I only use homemade bread...12 loves every two weeks. We love it!

Anna Allred said...

Man, that looks good! I really want a slice!!

Shelly Carter said...

good for you what kind of wheat grinder did you get I have been thinking of getting one myself you inspired me to do a blog my address is

Cheryl J. said...

I'm waiting for my friend to type up the recipe and send it to me because she changed it a bit from the photo copied version my other friend gave me. I promise to post it when she does (she's also going to give me a good wheat pancake recipe that she claims her children like better than plain old white flour pancakes).

I have a Wonder Mill Grinder and a Bosch Universal Plus mixer.

Yeah Sarah, my friend that makes this recipe all the time, and coincidentally showed up at my house during my "attempt," just threw the dough in the pan and patted it down (I figured she knew what she was doing...LOL). I didn't do that to the ones in the glass pans, so you may be onto something there. You should share your recipe with me since you make bread so much!

Yes Pam! Put up the picture of your applesauce...I would totally trade (I wish you guys still lived here!!!).

And Jen, I will try Heidi's recipe. I should also try Mom's in the Bosch...I'll have a bread marathon in my attempts to find the perfect recipe!

Erin Edwards said...

Cheryl, the bread looks wonderful. It looks like everyone wants the recipe, you should put it on your blog...Tell Brooke her shoes are way cool and she is so cute, I miss seeing her during volleyball.

Stephanie said...

Just wondering, is the bread good consistency for sandwiches? I have a tough time finding a recipe for homemade bread that's not too crumbly for sandwiches, etc. Can't wait to see the recipe!

Cheryl J. said...

Stephanie...I've tried it with sandwiches but can't cut it super thin or it does tear apart. I think it is probably 1 1/2 the size of a store bought piece of bread to not fall apart.

Kim said...

yum!! btw brooke i have the SAME shoes... emma steals them from me! betet has the pinker ones.