Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Foolin' Brooke Won All Three Track Events :-)

So...It looks like Brooke is our little track star. She won "high points" last year for the LBJ 6th Grade Girls and looks like she will do it again this year.

Her coach entered her in the 100m race for the first time this year. She came in first out of all three of the 7th grade girl heats.

She then ran right over to the high jump pit and easily cleared 4 feet. She had to then go practice for the 4x100 relay so she didn't get back to the high jump before they raised it to 4' 6". That was a little too high for her (she came close to getting it though). But no worries...no other 7th grade girl beat 4 feet so she won the high jump again (she's won it at every track meet so far this year).

THEN...she ran the anchor leg on the 4x100 relay. They were missing the other fast girl (Harleigh) on the team due to her being sick. But the girls pulled through and won that too!

Here are three short videos of her events:


Monkey Pants said...

I'm just going to call her "Speed Racer" from now on.

Kim said...

yea Brooke!! Emma got 1st in High Jump at the last track meet too!

Cheryl J. said...

Good job Emma! How high did Emma jump?