Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Krispy Kreme is Back in Albuquerque!!!

This song seemed so appropriate after our visit to Krispy Kreme at their reopening (all the Albuquerque stores closed about 3 1/2 years ago due to bankruptcy)...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in Salt Lake City

We went to Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving to see Brian and Elise. We attended the Imperial Buffet at the Grand America Hotel. Our niece Andrea joined us. Mike and Timi drove up to Salt Lake that night and went to see "Christmas Carol" in 3D with us. The Pauling girls (Anna, Emma, and Bette) came to breakfast with us Friday morning. We had a great time seeing everyone!

All of us before hitting the buffet lines.

Greg, Andrea, and Brooke.

Brian and Elise.

Me and Greg.
Brooke and Andrea get some salad.

Elise at the meat carving station.

Brooke at the kids' buffet table. There was tons of candy, caramel apples, mac and cheese, chicken fingers, and other kid-friendly food items.


Brooke and her traditional jumping pose in the Grand America bathroom.

Timi and Brooke brought a piece of chicken quesadilla to Elise :-)

Brian and Mike.
We all went to see "A Christmas Carol" in 3D.

Emma, Anna, and Bette Pauling came to Salt Lake City to go to breakfast with us.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Candace pulled a "gun" on Brooke to get some candy ;-)

Brooke got a "knife" in retaliation LOL.

Getting the pumpkin ready for Greg to carve.

Greg with our Iowa Hawkeyes jack-o-lantern.

Candace the cowgirl, Brooke the baseball player, Kelsey the cute nerd, and Kayleen the bull fighter :-)

Elder Taylor Nickel (Mario) and Elder Brent Jorgensen (Luigi) with their missionary Halloween card.

Brian as infomercial king "Billy Mays" and Elise as internet sensation "play him off Keyboard Cat."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

2009 Homecoming!

Brooke went with some of her best friends to homecoming as they are freshman and too young to date. Candace's mom, Bernice, and I took them to dinner and then we worked the coat check for the first few hours of the dance. Here are a few pictures from their evening...

Here they are arriving at Yanni's for dinner.

A toast to friendship :-)

Candace, Kelsey, Brooke, Makenzie, and Kayleen had me take a few pics of them on Central.

Shoe shot.

Say something funny Candace...

With some of their friends after the dance.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Superhero/Villain Day for Homecoming Week

Brooke liked this shirt she got a few weeks ago with a broken heart so we decided that she would be a villainess for Superhero/Villain Day named: The Heartbreaker.

Here's the story behind her villainess...

Brooke Jorgensen has been unlucky at love despite trying to be the best girlfriend she can be. Her one true love broke up with her in a jealous rage despite her being true and faithful. She decides that she is tired of being "nice" and thinks that if she cannot have her one true love, no one else should be able to have a true love...and that is why she is now known as "The Heartbreaker."
Here's the front of her costume.

Here's the back of her cape. Special thanks to Cindy Webb for sewing the cape :-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Polynesian Day for Homecoming Week

Student Senate members are required to dress up during Volcano Vista's Homecoming Week. This is Brooke on Polynesian Day. She went to school late because she is a bit under the weather. Tomorrow is Superhero/Villain Day...Brooke's costume is funny. Check back tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brooke and Candace's First Stake Dance--September 19, 2009

Brooke and Candace went to their FIRST stake dance. They said it was pretty fun despite a lot of our youth skipping out for the East Stake's dance.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Brooke!

Brooke had a fun birthday! The night before Candace Burton, Alec Lovato, and Kelsey Goode came over to decorate the front of our house. It was sooo hard to get Brooke to leave our home office area which is in the front of the house so she wouldn't hear them. I would sneak out a side door and take pictures of them and she never knew I was outside. Another friend, Isaiah Perry, wanted to surprise her by doing something sweet for her birthday because "Brooke is always doing nice things for everyone and no one does anything for her." He made a poster for me to put in her bathroom. He also brought her flowers, a crown, and feather boa. He and his mom, Crystal Perry, helped chalk the driveway. His gesture totally brought her to tears. Candace, Alec, and Kelsey gave me a Red Bull and a small wheel of gouda cheese to give her when she woke up LOL.

I went to Costco and bought 25 very LARGE churros to take to her at school for her birthday. I think the kids really enjoyed them LOL. I know Brooke (and Candace) liked them! I also helped her with some of her campaigning during lunch. She got some sweet gifts from friends. Her friend Kyle Byer made her cupcakes and bought her a Volcano Vista High School Bear (so adorable!). Josh Lubold got her some candy and a cute stuffed animal (and wrote the sweetest note, which she liked even more than the "stuff."). Another boy bought her a stuffed animal and some bath products and another one got her a SUPER large Red Bull LOL. Victor Espinoza brought over a HUGE stuffed bear and a sweet card. Kayleen Aragon bought her a DVD and some candy. The other girls are waiting for Brooke's party to bring their gifts. We took Brooke and a few of her girl friends to dinner that evening. We ended our night home for an ice cream cake.
Candace Burton, Alec Lovato, and Kelsey Good decorated the front of our house the night before Brooke's birthday.

They "chalked" a bunch of inside jokes all over our driveway and sidewalks.

Alec drew a "churro" for Brooke.

Word up! Candace!

Our front door.

Friend, Isaiah Perry, wanted to make up something special for Brooke.

This is what she was greeted with when she woke up her birthday morning.

This was the first time any boy went to so much trouble to surprise her (which brought tears to her eyes).

Brent sent Brooke a shirt and gift card for Sephora.

We later took her and a few friends to dinner at Yanni's.

Brooke with her daddy.

FREE dessert :-)

MORE dessert...Brooke wanted a "Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake" from Coldstone.

Make a wish!

Me and Brooke.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brent's New Mission Address/Brent Greeted with a Tornado!

Brent left the MTC yesterday for the Minneapolis Minnesota Spanish Speaking Mission. I just got off the phone with Brent's Uncle Matt who, with his family, lives in Minnesota. Matt mentioned that Brent was greeted with a possible TORNADO yesterday. I went online and found the following story (good thing I didn't know about this yesterday!)...

Winds rip through Minneapolis, possible tornado

MINNEAPOLIS — Weather experts are looking into tornado reports after powerful winds ripped through Minneapolis, tearing off part of a 90-year-old metal church steeple.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning Wednesday afternoon after receiving reports of a tornado just north of downtown. The city has received no immediate reports of injury.

The winds toppled trees and scattered large outdoor tents and chairs set up downtown for the national Evangelical Lutheran Church in America convention. The steeple at the Central Lutheran Church next door was damaged as 120 people were inside, though a church spokesman said no one was injured

Hennepin County sheriff's officials said trained weather spotters also reported seeing a tornado.

WOW! What a way to be greeted to your new mission Brent!

Brent's Address for the next 22 months will be:

Elder Brent Lee Jorgensen
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 W. 96th St.
Bloomington, MN, 55438-1715

I'm sure he would love to hear from you!

Brooke's First Day of High School AND Seminary

Brooke had to get up EARLY to get ready for her first day of school and for seminary. Seminary is a scripture study for high school age members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Despite her preparation, she forget SPANDEX for volleyball practice after school so Mom has to make a trip to the high school later ;-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brooke Gets Her Braces Off

One last smile with the braces on.

Danette starts the removal.

Candace and Kelsey had stayed the night and were finishing getting ready in the break room.

Friend Felisha (middle) had an appointment at the same time.

Almost done.

Brooke gets one last picture with her dad/orthodontist.