Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 47th Birthday Greg!

Greg wanted Gardunos for dinner, a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting from Sam's Club, and a TAG (watch) for his birthday. I had pretended like I got him some other present by making a "Facebook status" comment saying that "I didn't know what to get Greg for his birthday" (I actually had already purchased the watch). Here are the pictures from his birthday:
Family friend, Rachael Marcell, and Brooke eat their Sopapillas at Gardunos.

LOL...We made him wear the sombrero at Gardunos--Ole! ;-)

Brooke and I decided to put the TAG watch I bought Greg in a Ralph Lauren bag in order to SURPISE him :-)

Here he is with his FAVORITE cake. We have 3/4 of it left...anyone want some cake?

Card and present time. Brent sent a card from the MTC and Brian called. Greg got English toffee and some money from his Mom and Dad :-)

SURPRISE! We got you the watch you've been eying the past three years!

Greg's pride and joy. Happy Birthday!

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