Friday, October 10, 2008


Segments from a broadcast to Californian Church members addressing the Church’s doctrine of marriage and the Protect Marriage Coalition.

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To use an analogy:
You could pass a law that says oranges now are apples. But oranges will never look like apples or taste like apples or be apples no matter how many laws we pass, nor will they ever produce the same seeds as apples. Just because we recognize this reality does not mean we have animosity toward oranges. In fact, we can like both oranges and apples and still hold an opinion that they are different.

While this example may seem silly, it illustrates that the proposed radical experiment with same-sex marriage attempts to achieve the impossible. Same-sex marriage will never bear the same fruit as man/woman marriage – no matter how many laws are passed because it is radically different.

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Ingelheim Five said...

Way to get this out there Cheryl. Love the analogy. Makes total sense doesn't it? You've become quite the champion of causes! Keep it up. Btw, I'm your new vt. Woot woot!

Anna Allred said...

I love your analogy! SAVE MARRIAGE!!!

Cheryl J. said...

YEA to Shauna being my VT :-) I'm sooo excited!

Yeah...I guess I'm feeling a little like liberal views are desensitizing us as a WORLD. I must admit, I almost got sucked in myself thinking we should just let people live as they want. I then educated myself and realized that giving up, even a portion, of our moral values and accepting non-traditional lifestyles is making it so society actually is REPLACING the values we hold dear with lifestyles that are hollow and against everything we cherish. Once the "toothpaste is out of the tube," I don't think we will be able to put it back in.

BTW...I read that analogy on the web site.