Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday Brent!--June 2, 2008

A birthday retrospective look back at 7 years at Buca di Beppo for Brent's birthdays...

2008--Brent's 18th Birthday
Greg, Marcus Barry (not shown--was late), Jon Mader, Aaron Schuetze, Terrance Motley, Matt Valenzuela, Brent, Steven Serock, Brandon Simpson, Mycah Huitron (camera shy for the first time ever), Eddie Eubanks, Candace Burton, and Brooke.

2007--Brent's 17th Birthday

In view: Zach Kaberlein, Daniel Gooris, Brent, Heather Curran, Mara Burklee, Kurtis Caldwell, Andrew Apodaca, Erik Sparks.

Dustin, Steven, Zach, Daniel, and Brent.

2006--Brent's 16th Birthday

SURPRISE! Brent opens the door to see all his basketball buddies.

Inside the limo.

We had to get the Pope's Table (it's the tradition).

The pizza is always great!

Brooke, Elise, and Brian.

2005--Brent's 15th Birthday

Brent, picture of Steven (who was sick), Kurtis Caldwell, Dustin Westby, Brandon Simpson (out of view), Ronnie Marquez, Chase Ruffin, Greg, Brooke, Me (taking picture), Brian (out of view), Elise, Erik Sparks, Jon Mader, Mycah Huitron, Zach Kaberlein.

Kurtis, Dustin, Simp, Ronnie, Chase.

Sparky, Mader, Mycah.

Zach, Brent, and picture of Steven.

Close up of Steven :-)

Brian and Elise.

2004--Brent's 14th Birthday

Brent wanted to go to Buca di Beppo for his birthday dinner. His friends: Kurtis Caldwell, Steven Serock, Zach Kaberlein, Ronnie Marquez, Chase Ruffin, Emilio Andrade, and Dustin Westby all attended. The boys had a sleepover afterwards (Yikes! Eight 14-15 year-old boys was quite a handful).

Brent and his Buca Cake.

Brooke, Brian, and Elise.

Steven (under hat), Emilio, and Ronnie.

Ronnie, Kurtis, and Zach.

2003--Brent's 13th Birthday

Greg didn't take pictures for some reason. I was at Young Women Camp and missed this event. This was the only time I wasn't there in all 7 years :-(

2002--Brent's 12th Birthday (Our inaugural visit)

Front l-r: Brooke, Andrea Jorgensen, Ronnie Marquez, and Westin Allred. Back l-r: Lauren Walker, Emma Pauling, Cheryl, Greg, Clinton Mortley, Brent, Brian and Steven Serock.

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