Sunday, May 11, 2008

Brent Graduates from High School

Cibola's graduation took place today (Mother's Day). There were over 500 students graduating. I am including a picture from the PIT. You can see Brent's friend, Landon Hill, giving his student body president speech (on the screen).

I bought some chocolate-covered Oreos with Brent's picture on them and gave them to family and friends. Lindsey's dad is holding the ones I gave he and his wife Donna.

Brian and Elise were able to join us--They are currently attending school at the University of Utah. Brian had to wear shorts because he got a really bad sunburn on his knees at the track meet yesterday.

BTW...Our niece Andrea also graduated today (in Moberly, Missouri). Brent and Andrea will both be at BYU this fall.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there! I have two great moms in my life and hope they had a wonderful day!


NYCmom said...

Hooray! That is so awesome! Nice oreos! Did you make them? I wish we could've been there. Congratulations Brent! Che...are you feeling old yet? Not that you look old or act old...but hey, you've got TWO college students now!

Cheryl J. said...

LOL...I found a place that made the Oreos for a decent price (ordered them online).

I guess I should start feeling old pretty soon ;-) I often think about us planning Mom and Dad's 25th anniversary party and I'm almost to that same milestone (one more year). Weird! "We're just looking at the cats!" Remember you saying that when mom and dad asked us what we were doing in the basement (while planning their surprise 25th anniversary party) HAHA

PamJorg said...

WooHoo! Speedy Gonzalez is off! I think I need to find a nick-name for Brian. Speedy and Pres. are lonely...Hmmmmm (tapping my chin).

shelbell said...

Choc. covered oreos with his picture on them?? What will they think of next. How fun! I love the big smiles that graduates flash so many great times ahead of them! Congrats to Brent! I bet it was great having the whole family in town. Good times!

Brian Jorgensen said...

Haha, the Pit has free WiFi now, so I caught up on my blogs during all of the boring parts.

Pam: I'd be honored by a nickname of your choosing.