Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brent and Daniel's Graduation/Track Victory Party

We had a party on Tuesday, May 20th, for Brent and Daniel in our backyard to celebrate their graduation and their state track victory. I took a few pictures at the beginning and end of the party but was too busy in the middle to get pictures then. I'm guessing there were about 100+ people there. You can kind of see the "jumpy slide" in some of the pictures. Brent wanted catering from "Smokehouse." We also had Navajo Tacos and LOTS of dessert (see the picture).

Almost all of Brent's coaches attended (from track: Coach Kenny Henry, Coach G., Coach George, Coach Provolt with their wives/girlfriends. Ex-UNM Track Coach--and dad to Brent's coach--Matt Henry and his wife Lisa also attended; from football: Coach Judge Chavez and his girlfriend). Sorry...I didn't get pictures of them :-(

A lot of the great track stars from New Mexico showed up. At Brent and Daniel's table was Curtis Beach (Academy), Chad Clark (La Cueva), and Derek Montoya (Highland). Rolando Trammel (Was high point man for the state meet from Highland) showed up later. Jon Mader (state champ in javelin), Brandon Simpson (state champ in high jump), Mycah Huitron (runner up in high jump), Eddie Eubanks (4x1 relay and 100m race)--all from Cibola, showed up. So did Chris Newsome (Rio Rancho). I'm including a video of Chris Newsome (piano), Simp, Mycah, and Eddie...Singing and dancing at the end of this post.

Matt Valenzuela and Jordan Madrid made "Build a Bears" for Brent and Daniel. They filled out the certificates with all of their inside jokes for the guys.

I'm including a picture of Zach "Burch" Kaberlein with his new girlfriend Melinda. Yep...Zach actually has a girlfriend.

Greg had one of his patient's parents print up a big poster of Brent and Daniel (that I took of them after they won state). The coaches gave us the state championship banner to use at the party.


Brian Jorgensen said...

"We're sorry, this video is no longer available"? Did you get a take-down notice or something from youtube?

Cheryl J. said...

It's there now...Not sure why the problem before :-)