Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brent Wins the 200 (Cibola wins the meet)

Brent won the 200m race today at the Richard Harper Invitational at the Albuquerque Academy. Cibola won the meet and is still undefeated. Brent's 4x100 relay team broke a school record (and won the race). Brent will now have his name on the Cibola gym wall two times! Here are pictures of him winning the 200. This isn't the first time Brent has beaten the guy from La Cueva. Go to following link to see why it's "so sweet" to beat that guy:
Freshmen All-City Victory.

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The Dixon Family said...

What a small world. And an even smaller . . .I was looking on my friends blog and she had a link to Jen and Jake Skousen. I had to take a double take, isn't that your sister-in-law? I asked my friend and I guess that went to school together or something. Weird. Very small world.

Good to see you. It's fun to catch up!