Friday, March 14, 2008

Brooke, Candace, and Makenzie Run for Office

LBJ Middle School ran their student elections for the 2008-09 school year this morning. I wrote campaign skits for the three girls and went to watch them.

Brooke ran for Student Body President. Candace for 8th Grade Class President. Makenzie for Student Body Secretary.

Brooke wanted to do a rap, so we used an instrumental version of "Low" by Flo Rida and wrote our own words. We will try to video tape it at home (we didn't want to film at school). Here are the lyrics...

Candace: Let her talk!

Brooke: Let me talk to ‘em, let me talk to ‘em.

Makenzie: Introducing Miss Brooke Jorgensen!

(Brooke's words in black, Candace and Makenzie's in red)

I’ve got Leadership skills and the Nike’s with no strap (with no strap).
Look at my face and you will see a huge gap.
I can be fun, (she can be fun) when work is done.
Vote Brooke for prez, prez, prez, prez, prez, prez, prez.

I’ve got school spirit and I listen to my peeps (my peeps).
Can plan a party cuz I never, ever sleep (HEY!).
I can serve, (she can serve) I’ve got the nerve.
Vote Brooke for prez, prez, prez, prez, prez, prez, prez.

What can I do to get your vote? Don’t mean to gloat, I’ll eat a goat.
Let me clear my throat, Yea, here’s a quote… “It’s all she wrote.” I love my coat.

Can make a dif, I’m never stiff. Do you get my drift? Yea, here’s my riff.
Can help fundraise, I get all A’s…j/k.
(btw...j/k means "just kidding" in text language)

I’ll take your feedback and I’ll try to represent (represent).
When you complain I’ll make sure to let you vent.
Please vote for me, (vote for her!) hope ya’all agree.
Vote Brooke for prez, prez, prez, prez, prez, prez, prez


For Candace I wrote her a skit based on the Clue board game. Candace went to Brooke (playing Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, and Mrs. Peacock) and Makenzie (playing Mr. Green, Professor Plum, and Mrs. White) and asked them where the LBJ Class Elections were. Candace finally ended up in the Library after being directed to the Lounge, Hall, Conservatory, etc. At the end, the girls yelled: "Get a Clue! Vote Candace Burton 8th Grade Class President!" Here's Candace with Brooke, aka Colonel Mustard and Makenzie aka Mr. Green.

For Makenzie, we had her say "I'm Makenzie Hamilton and I am running for Student Body Secretary." Then Brooke would stop her with a hollywood clapboard and have Candace dress her to appeal to certain sections of the voting students. Candace and Brooke made her into a preppy cheerleader first, then gangsta, then a fashionista, and last a smart nerd (complete with suspenders and nerd glasses). At the end of the skit, she takes off all the stuff and says she is going to be herself and says she has paper and pencils and knows how to take vote for her for Student Body Secretary :-)

They find out in two weeks who won!


Kim said...

wtg!! girls!! I hope it all goes your way!!


Monkey Pants said...

FUN! I'll vote for you!