Monday, December 17, 2007

All Metro Football Banquet

Brent was honored at the All-Metro Banquet for academics and got an honorable mention for the All-Metro Team (not bad for only having 13 receptions for 324 yards during the whole season).

His stats were 2nd best on the team after his good friend Brandon Simpson (who got the ball thrown to him a lot more). It was hard for our receivers and running backs to pad their stats because Cibola blew out so many teams during the season. Brent and the other 1st stringers played less than two quarters in more than half their games because the coach wanted to give the other players experience.

Brent's overall stats were:

13 Receptions for 324 yards. His average was 24.9 yards per catch. His longest was a 60 yarder. He had 5 touchdowns and averaged 29.5 receiving yards per game.

Brent was around 13th in total receiving yards in the state (before the playoffs--he probably moved up but the newspaper doesn't count those stats). Our team really shared the ball a lot and was known more as a running team.

We are proud of Brent's accomplishments!

I'm posting a picture of some of his teammates who were also honored at the banquet with head coach, Ralph "Judge" Chavez (btw...first on the left is Jon Mader, Cibola's quarterback who won Player of the Year).

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Monkey Pants said...

Very nice! It was fun being part of Brent's last season...even if it was for just one week!